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Как подписать PDF документ в Adobe Acrobat и Adobe Reader: пошаговая инструкция

Подписать PDF документ в Adobe Acrobat XI

1. Open the PDF you intend to sign.Click the Sign button on the top right:

2.On the right hand side, expand the Work with Certificates section. Click on Sign with Certificate:

3. Click Drag New Signature Rectangle:

4. Drag your cursor to create a signature box:

5. When you let go, the Sign Document screen will appear. Select your certificate from the drop down menu. Press Sign:

6. Re-Save your document. Type in your password. Press OK:

7. Your signature will appear along with the “Blue Bar” indicating the signature is valid:
Blue Bar

Your PDF is now signed !

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Подписать PDF документ в Adobe Reader DC

1. Open the PDF you wish to sign in Adobe Reader DC

2. Click the Tools button towards the top left, then click Certificates:

3. Next click the Digitally Sign button:

4. Click OK to drag a signature rectangle:

5. Drag a signature rectangle where you would like your signature to appear:

6. When you release the signature rectangle, a window will appear with signing options. Choose your signing certificate from the drop down menu. You may optionally customize the appearance of your signature.Click Sign.

7. You will be prompted to re-save your document. You may either replace the existing file or save it under a new name. Click Save

8. If this is your first time signing, you may be prompted to allow Reader to access a timestamp. If you get this prompt, click Allow. The 3rd party timesatmp enables non-repudiation of your siganture, it acts much like a digital notary. 

9. Next enter the password for your AATL or CDS certificate:

10. Once the signature is placed you will see your signature on the document and the "Blue Bar" will be activated showing that your signature is valid:

Your PDF is now signed !

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